OPHEAR, with background in engineering, music and the arts, likes to channel his ideas through daring art that pushes the boundaries of visual creativity. He has a passion and joy for creating a wide variety of images in varied formats, frequently inspired by surrealist, impressionist, pointillist, and even Hindu/Buddhist and tribal art. He uses a mix of illustrations, photography and thickly applied paints often utilizing syringes and other novel techniques to achieve unique dimensional results.

One category of OPHEAR’s art work is the modern day pointillism and divisionism, reminiscent of Henri Matisse, in which he creates impressions of objects such as human or animal eyes and faces. The mind’s ability to connect, blend and bend the disparate dots and acrylic colors into varied compositions adds another dimension to the art.

The surreal, Dali-esque art that is characteristic of OPHEAR’s photography series is another example. This style, in which striking photo-realistic images are juxtaposed with the seemingly illogical, creates an element of surprise and invites one to consider the disparity between a person’s view of reality and the actual state of things.

In a similar vein, OPHEAR’s colorful masks series are thought proving visuals. In the contrast between the larger-than-life masks, arguably a metaphor of sorts for control or authority, and their respective backgrounds, he calls into question the realities presented within the images.

Lastly, OPHEAR’s mandala art seeks through complex rhythm and intermingling of beings, organisms, plants, religions, planetary, mathematical and geometrical symbols to create a microcosm of the universe. Mandalas were historically known to be used as spiritual and metaphysical tools in the Hindu and Buddhist religious traditions to focus the mind and bridge the divide between the physical and metaphysical, such as during meditation. Similarly, the repetitive use of geometric patterns and radial balance evoke a beauty and order that ties together the artist’s central themes of perception, reality and universality.

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